Today, October 26, National Day of Acquired Brain Damage

According to the Spanish Federation of Brain Damage, Acquired Brain Damage (DCA in Spanish) is a sudden injury to the brain. It is characterized by its sudden appearance and by the varied set of  effects that it presents according to the area of ​​the brain injured and the severity of the damage. These effects cause abnormalities in perception, physical, cognitive and emotional alterations. The causes of ABD are varied: anoxies, brain tumors, infections … although the main one is the stroke and the sequels they leave are unpredictable

At the Canis Majoris Foundation, we perform Assisted Animal Therapies aimed, among others, at users with acquired brain damage, varying greatly in the characteristics and difficulties of each one.

On October 9 we had a very special collaborator, who accompanied us during a therapy session in one of the centers where we carry out the intervention on users with Acquired Brain Damage.

Quique Peinado, renowned Spanish presenter, broadcaster, journalist and author, helped Paula Díaz, Canine Therapist at the Canis Majoris Foundation and Mini, canine co-therapist, to carry out the therapy exercises that are very focused on physical contact, to improve and maintain the movement they retain in their upper limbs. It also focuses greatly on creating relationships of trust among users so that outside of therapy they can continue to have the support that this implies for them. Finally, recognition exercises, cognitive stimulation, attention and memory are carried out transversely every day.

Quique Peinado, thus joins our team of Godfathers and Godmothers Majoris whose main objective is to promote awareness of the importance of carrying out this types of intervention that increases the quality of life for its users.

Soon, we will publish how the day went, how users received this special visit and the first impressions of Quique Peinado once the session was over.



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