Training seminar: “Keys to Evaluation and Intervention in Clinical Neuroscience”

On October 2nd at 8:30am, the Research Group in Clinical Neuroscience of Madrid and the Clinical Neuroscience Section of the AEN(Spanish Neuropsychiatry Association) will celebrate the Second Edition of the Conference “Keys to Evaluation and Intervention in Clinical Neuroscience” in collaboration with the Canis Majoris Foundation.

In this edition, the conference will focus on the reconciliation of advances in neuroscience with the clinical approach in consultation in a non-reductionist manner and adjusted to advances in research, understanding that the discourse of users or patients is the gateway to the Comprehensive understanding of suffering.

The psychopathological tools and neuroscientific knowledge will be dealt with in depth, the practical aspects of this approach will be emphasized and our knowledge will be expanded in areas such as social cognition and psychosomatic disorders. The Conference will address some lines of relevant research in the neuroscientific field and some of its difficulties and challenges. Finally, a critical view will be applied to reduce frequent conceptual errors and practices that are not very respectful with the subject who requests help.

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