Elena Pessino Gómez del Campo Scholarships

Each year, the Canis Majoris Foundation awards the Elena Pessino Gómez del Campo Scholarships, aimed at university students with functional diversity. The amount of these scholarships is  ,500 euros per student and aims to serve as support for the achievement of their academic goals. The announcement of the scholarships, together with the bases and requirements necessary to qualify for them, is published each  year in mid-November on the Canis Majoris Foundation website.

Narrative and Painting Award

The Foundation organizes the Siboney Narrative and Painting Prize in collaboration with the Community of Madrid, the Reading Animation Association “Amigos del Dragón Lector” and the artist, Doña Paloma Johansson. The purpose of the contest is to encourage interest in reading and painting among school children between the ages of 6 and 17, who are at risk of psychosocial exclusion.