VI Annual Conference: “The Century of Women: Advances towards a more egalitarian world”, coordinated by Dr. Alicia Gómez Montano

On January 18, 2019 at 4:00 p.m., the 6th Annual Conference of the Canis Majoris Foundation will be celebrated in the Assembly Hall of the Ateneo de Madrid.

Dr. Alicia Gómez Montano, journalist at TVE and recently named Editor for Equality of TVE Information Services, will coordinate this day titled “The Century of Women: progress towards an egalitarian world”. Gómez Montano explains what this years theme for 2019 consists of and why it has been chosen:

What has been the theme chosen for the VI Annual Conference? Why?

The theme chosen for the VI Annual Conference is “The Century of Women: progress towards an egalitarian world”. There is no more timely matter. Since the end of 2017 we are living a new feminist revolution that, unlike the previous ones, crosses many social strata. It is a transversal movement that has surprised people and strangers and that is changing behavior, legislation, labor relations and even languages. Nothing will be like before. Women are reducing the inequality gap that still exists with giant steps. And I think it’s worth telling why.

Dr. Alicia Gómez Montano, Coordinator of the VI Canis Majoris Foundation Annual Conference

What are your expectations?

The contents that will be addressed, always related to the feminist revolution we are living, will be legislative (what needs to be changed), historical (how we were and how we are), scientists (the secondary position of women in a field in which they also belong) family and work relationships, conciliation, empowerment (a new look), and so on.

What content will be treated?

My intention is to contribute to reflecting in common: men and women … all those who attend the Day and also those who follow it through social networks. Because the paradigm shift and real equity will come sooner and better with the push coming from all of us, without gender distinction. There are many men who share the new scenario of equality that is on the horizon. There will be speakers of a high level, people who with their knowledge and experience will set the bar very high. I think that, if nothing goes wrong, it will be an important day.

Have you known the Foundation for a long time? What would you highlight about your career?

I would emphasize the seriousness of its objectives and how it has been weaving a good and very professionalized team to carry them out. Canis Majoris does a great job in the field of functional diversity. It covers areas that are sometimes not available on occasions, from the State or the different administrations, and it does so by incorporating the most innovative techniques and advances that prevent social exclusion. The results are magnificent.


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