We commemorate Africa Day by remembering those who are most in need

Africa Day is celebrated annually on May 25th, a date of great importance for the African continent and its people, as it marked the beginning of its history as different countries, societies and cultures. On this date the continent’s achievements are celebrated  inviting us to reflect on the challenges that are posed to Africa in the near future.

Throughout this year the Canis Majoris Foundation has worked with several projects being developed in Africa, particularly in Liberia and in Sikasso and we are pleased to report that both are developing as planned.

In March we saw the launching of the CAPEMA project  in Sikasso, a project that involved the creation of a vegetable garden and a small farm for self consumption and as a means of obtaining  resources to trade thereby enhancing the autonomy of the Center. The Orphanage reports that they have already installed the animals and will soon begin with breeding.

Photos sent from the orphanage in Sikasso

This year the Canis Majoris Foundation has also collaborated with ROOTS África, who have informed us about  the impact that our support has made on the development of its sustainable agriculture project in Liberia.

To learn more about the project click here

The Foundation does not forget Africa and will continue supporting projects like these, which aim to improve the quality of life for those who need it most.

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