We Commemorate World Philosophy Day

World Philosophy Day celebrates the importance of philosophical reflection and encourages people around the world to share their philosophical heritage with each other.

From here at the Canis Majoris Foundation, we want to encourage analysis, research and philosophical studies, and we are achieving this by bringing Philosophy to the general public, fostering interest in this activity through the organization of seminars, courses and talks, but also through our publications, where we promote the dissemination of ideas and thoughts, adding value to this discipline.

From March to May of this year,  the Gonzalo Casas Pessino Cultural Diffusion Center hosted the Philosophical Seminar titled  “The clearing in the Forest : The Question of the Subject facing the Challenges of Globalization”, organized by the Canis Majoris Foundation in Collaboration with HERCRITIA- Santander (Chair for International Research on Critical Hermeneutics UNED). Through critical-philosophical thought, the Seminar provided the necessary keys to address -through different perspectives- the issue of the subject and the challenges it must face from its configuration to the present. The main objective was to open a space in order to think and reflect on our reality and its possibilities and thus contribute to critical judgment and envision alternatives to the dominant single thought.

All the ideas, contributions and thoughts expressed in the Seminar are to be collected in the second issue of the “Pensamiento Majoris” Collection under the title “The Question of the Subject in the Face of the Challenges of Globalization”. This collection, which we are currently developing will come to light at the end of the first quarter of 2019.

As we have been doing until now, we will continue working for the dissemination of knowledge and  to establish a collaborative space which is favorable to discussion and critical thinking.

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