We interview Ángel de Sancha Bech, coordinator of the Seminar “The improvement of patronage in Spain”

At 9am November 30th the Gonzalo Casas Pessino Cultural Diffusion Center, will hold a seminar titled  “The improvement”of patronage in Spain “. The seminar will be coordinated by Ángel de Sancha Bech, Head of Institutional Relations at the Canis Majoris Foundation.

We interviewed Ángel de Sancha, who conveyed to us the importance of this Law in contributing to the necessary consolidation and strengthening of non-profit entities.

How did the idea to ​​teach the course arise?

It emerged from within the Management Committee to address concerns over poor regulation of the concept of patronage, apart from  mere tax regulation.

What is its purpose?

To create a laboratory of ideas on the new concept that patronage should have, however, until now it has focused almost exclusively on the cultural and artistic field. We must raise awareness that patronage can and should be a primary source of funds that flow from both, individuals and legal entities of the Third Sector ,where we are. This applies both for training activities, research, primary care in the clinical field and cooperation for further development. Foundations such as ours and many others, strive to improve the lives of those most in need of care by Society yet public administrations allocate few resources for this purpose.

What do you think it will contribute to your participants?

An attractive vision of  investment in terms of social benefits, that arises from participation in the projects developed by organizations such as those being developed at our Foundation. The benefits of the activities that we develop are dividends that, unlike commercial companies, are distributed throughout  all of society.

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