We interview José de Luna, actor in film “Champions”

A la derecha José Luna, a la izquierda Ernesto Ares, Coordinador del Departamento de Intervención Social de la FCM

We interviewed José de Luna, actor in the movie “Champions”. He welcomes us into his home to tell us about how his life has changed since  participating in the film, his tastes, his hobbies and his future prospects.

What most resembles his character in the movie are the hugs, which he shares, strong and sincere with all those who receive them. This 32 year-old champion, has always known that being an actor was his great vocation, he was presented to many auditions until one day he received the opportunity to be one of the protagonists of “Champions”. His mother, Mercedes, has supported him unconditionally since the beginning and encourages him to do everything that he sets out to do, but she is also in charge of keeping his “feet on the ground” and reminding him that everything that is worthwhile requires effort.

At the doors of the Goya Awards, we at the Canis Majoris Foundation  wish him and all those who have participated in the film, a night full of awards and recognition.




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