We interview Naiara Oncala on International Sports Day

Today April 6, 2018, the Canis Majoris Foundation, commemorates the International Day of Sport and positive values on which it is based.

Sport is a passion shared by everyone. It is a factor of physical fitness and a tool for equality and inclusion of all, especially for the most disadvantaged.

There is no more solid ground than sport to nurture the values we all share: solidarity, responsibility, respect, honesty, teamwork, equality, motivation and effort … Sport is a way to include everyone and combat stereotypes.

To contribute to these causes, the Canis Majoris Foundation once again this year will sponsor the female futsal team Club Deportivo sordos “Alcalá de Henares” in order to continue offering our support in achieving its objectives.

Naiara Oncala Morales, is the newest addition to the team, at the Club de sordos de Sevilla (Seville deaf club). She joined the team in the 2017/2018 season to fill the position of Pivot (forward). According to her colleagues, her greatest quality is showing patience in the most complicated situations, a quality that she transmits to the team. For Naiara sport is a way of disconnecting.

What has it meant for you to belong to the indoor football team?

It has been an opportunity to learn from other team members, meet people and enjoy what I like, which for me is futsal.

What difficulties have you encountered since taking up sport?

The greatest difficulty I found was the time it takes to learn the rules of a given sport and miscommunication.

What have been the major achievements of the team?

Have been runners up in the Spanish Championship. I think that has been our greatest achievement as a team.

This year, the Champions league was held in Alcalá. How was the experience?

The experience was very good as they were the first games I  played with my teammates. I am very proud to belong to the team.

What are the objectives for this season?

To win the Community of Madrid cup and to travel to Germany for the European title.

What has it meant for the team to be sponsored by the Canis Majoris Foundation?

The help we receive is essential to order to achieve the goals we have set. Also being able to highlight the work done by the Foundation with Animal Assisted Therapy and all the projects they are involved with.

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