We interview Rosa Puga Davila, Coordinator of the book “The Theater as a tool of change”

On Wednesday, July 17 at 6:00 p.m, we will hold the presentation ceremony of the first issue of the “Pensamientos Majoris” (Majoris Thoughts) Collection titled “Theater as a tool of change ”. The venue chosen for the presentation is the Cuarta Pared Theater Hall, located on Calle Ercilla, 17, Madrid.

We interview Rosa Puga Davila, coordinator of the book, who tells us how the idea of ​​writing a book dedicated to the Theater of Inclusion was managed:

How did the idea for ​​writing the book “Theater as a tool of change” arise?

The idea of ​​preparing a book with the material collected from the “1st Conference on Theater and Society” is something that was present from the outset, given that the conference, in which different speakers reflected on the value of theater as a means for social change presented many objectives, one of these being quite prominent as is the commitment to disseminating such through the Gonzalo Casas Pessino Cultural Diffusion Center also has through its Theater Classroom. This idea came to fruition thanks to Valentín Corces Pando and the Canis Majoris Foundation together with Dykinson Publishing House. Thanks to the authors who have dedicated their love and time to imbue their ideas and research in these articles that have been produced through great commitment and professionalism.

What will the reader encounter upon reading it?

I believe that the reader will discover what we found at the “1st Conference on Theater and Society”: Living words. I speak of living words because they are born, not only of the research carried out by professionals of the performing arts of great academic importance, but of people who are active and committed to the performing arts and to society. When one reads words that come from the commitment to those aspects that are narrated, these words become something alive and essential to permit us to learn from other experiences that are valuable because they have been lived, studied and researched and most importantly, they are generously shared here for the growth of all. The reader will find wonderful contributions to society from committed professionals, each from their own field of action, with everything that the Theater can offer.

What has the coordination of the Edition meant for you?

For me it has meant learning a lot from the people with whom I have shared the process. It has inspired me, it has taught me. The Theater is purely a matter of team work. The cast´s job and the creation of this book has been something quite similar, a project for everyone who reads it.

Tell us a little about the authors who have participated in the book

The authors of the book have a huge curriculum and I invite people to consult google to learn about their trajectory, as it would seem unfair to have to summarize it and decide what is most important among all of the valuable contributions they have made.

They are great people and committed professionals who are specifically committed to the performing arts at a theoretical and practical level. They are dedicated, each one from their field, to everything that the theater can contribute to society, so I can only thank them because they have shared this with us here on this occasion of the 1st Conference of Theater and Society and again now through this book.

Do you plan to organize other theater conferences?

Thanks to the Canis Majoris Foundation and the Gonzalo Casas Pessino Cultural Diffusion Center, we are already thinking about the “2nd Conference on Theater and Society” which we hope will continue to make an impact on the subsequent task of dissemination.

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