We interview the author of “Phobias and Filias”, Érrez Èras

The Gonzalo Casas Pessino Center for Cultural Diffusion of the Canis Majoris Foundation hosts this exhibition by Érrez Èras on June 6th at 7pm.

Entitled “Phobias and Filias”, (Fears and Pleasures) the exhibition takes us into a world of fears and pleasures through a visual exercise of images and textures.

We had the opportunity to speak with the artist who told us firsthand what inspired him and what he wants to convey to the public.

“Érrez Èras autor of phobias and filias”

What are your expectations from exhibiting your work at the Gonzalo Casas Pessino Center for Cultural Diffusion?

I want my work to be diffused, displayed and commented. The Gonzalo Casas Pessino Center for Cultural Diffusion is a great space that allows dialogue and dissemination of new ideas in art and scientific and social research. I hope my work and my ideas reach an audience hitherto unknown, scientists, doctors and therapists, who,  with their particular scientific vision will be able to see in my work that which has not already been said about it.

When did your interest in art commence?

My interest in art began  back in 2000 with my graphic design studies. Inspired by the Polish poster designers of the mid-twentieth century, I began to develop my own aesthetic initially designing posters, creating a visual language that went beyond the communication design to a more personal and artistic one such as the poster ”d áuteur” as a graphic proposal. For many years, my job has been changing in creative and technical terms, including photography, painting and video art.

What you want to convey with this work?

The exhibition is a visual and conceptual exercise on  fears and pleasures. Through images, colors and textures, the work conveys  different sensations; pleasant, frightening, fascinating and repulsive; sensations, all of which, despite being perceived as opposed, they often complement and create, in this case, a visual experience. The human figure is my “leitmotiv” allowing me to produce  personal proposals on social criticism, politics or aesthetics. Humans and their contradictions give me plenty of material for creation, and that creation is always accompanied by a message that will be assimilated through the experience undergone by the admirer.

What inspired you to design “Phobias & Filias”?

I was inspired by the experience that accompanied the creation of the images on display. Creative work is a solitary process that requires time, tranquility and concentration. At the time of creation the artist is confronted by himself, everything is questioned and justified, trying to understand and improve where possible, in the understanding that everything is a contradiction.  Because it is possible to get an idea from everything, you have to know how to get that balance between what is dark and not pleasant and what is light and color of absolute pleasure, fears and joys, dreams and nightmares, phobias and pleasures.

How would you define your work?

I define my work as a visual impact that leaves no space for indifference. This work leads to be seen, it is full of color and texture, full of intensity and forms. My work speaks for itself, it clearly communicates its mission whilst it simultaneously confuses. It is a mixture of everything, the good and the bad, the ugly and the beautiful, the right and honest thing as opposed to the twisted and deceit.

In my images, color and texture are everything. When these are united, the picture appears with brute force, my characters exist and take their place, they look at you piercingly, proudly displaying their materiality, images equipped with brightness light and attitude.

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