We interview the students of the 4º ESO+ Empresa (10th Grade+Business) Program

The Canis Majoris Foundation is collaborating with the General Direction of Infant, Primary and Secondary Education in the 4º ESO + Empresa program (10th Grade+Business in English). The program aims to bring young students to the business world by arranging educational stays in work environments. This contact with companies and institutions will enable them to choose their professional future more in line with their expectations and interests.

The Educational Stays in Companies are designed so that students in 10th Grade spend a period of time (between 3 and 5 days) in a company or institution thereby improving their training and becoming aware of the world of work and the knowledge that is necessary to undertake a professional career.

It is not about work practices in which students develop all aspects of a specific job as part of a professional training, but  more about students observing the different aspects of the work that is carried out in the company by helping in tasks assigned by the person in charge, emphasizing the educational aspects.

The Laboratory of Neuroscience Elena Pessino Gómez del Campo (NEPGC), in its facilities hosted Alejandro Pantaleón and Ana Martínez, 10th grade students who both took this opportunity offered by the program to learn more about the area of ​ scientific research so that they could learn first hand about the day to day work done in a research laboratory.

We interviewed Ana and Alejandro, who tell us what their experience was like and what it has meant for them:

Why did you decide to join the 4ºESO + empresa program?

Alejandro: Because our high school gave me the opportunity to work with companies and I decided to take advantage of it.

Ana: I decided to enroll in the 10th grade+business program because it seemed like a very good opportunity to get to know a different work environment and also to learn about an interesting job that I would like to do in the future.

Why at the Neuroscience Laboratory Elena Pessino Gómez del Campo?

Alejandro: Because I like their facilities, the goal they want to achieve and the people who work here.

Ana: I chose the Elena Pessino Gómez del Campo Laboratory of Neuroscience because Neuroscience and the study of mental illnesses have always caught my attention. In addition, I also think that they do a great job helping people with functional diversity.

What would you highlight about the time you spent at the elena Pessino Gómez del Campo Neuroscience Laboratory?

Alejandro: I would highlight how interesting and fascinating everything is, also the seriousness and dedication of its workers.

Ana: From the time I’ve spent at the Elena Pessino Gómez del Campo Neuroscience Laboratory, I would highlight everything I’ve learned in a practical and didactic way. Thanks to Kilian, Ariel and Raúl, who have taught me many things and have given me the opportunity to spend a few days with them.

Have the expectations you had before you started been fulfilled ?

Alejandro: Yes,  all the expectations I had have been fulfilled, since I thought that everything would be more difficult, but they know how to work with a normal person without the basic knowledge and so make it possible for me to understand.

Ana: The expectations I had before starting have been exceeded. I have learned and done many more things than I thought I would do.

Would you recommend  the experience to your colleagues? Why?

Alejandro: Yes, because it is an experience that surely will not happen again and it is something that they should take advantage of and enjoy.

Ana: I would fully recommend this experience to my classmates because you learn much more in these 3 days of practice, than in a week of theoretical class (although you also have to go through that phase). It is a very nice experience that has allowed me to learn more about a field that I have always found interesting.


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