We interviewed Xana Mateos, trainee in the Healthcare Department

What has your internship in the  Canis Majoris Foundation meant for you?

For me it has been an opportunity to participate in the field of Clinical and Social Psychology, practically developing the skills acquired in my degree studies  and learning new ones. Being able to join the Canis Majoris Foundation team I have learned about the preparation of meetings related to Animal Assisted Therapies.

How did you learn about the Foundation?

I had heard about the Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) program  and it immediately caught my attention. It was through my university where I was informed that I could undertake the internship at the Canis Majoris Foundation. I looked for information about the Foundation through its web page and social networks, and decided to apply here for all projects undertaken.

What would you highlight of the experience?

I would emphasize the involvement and dedication of the Foundation in the work they do. All of its members are always available and willing to help and they also perform an incredible job.
Thanks to this training, I learned about the effort involved in this work, team members are connected  24 hours a day as, apart from the AAT work sessions, they are constantly caring for and teaching children, preparing meetings for the therapies, providing and receiving training courses, as well as getting involved in all projects carried out at the Foundation. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the team, learning about Animal Assisted Therapies and  dealing with the clinical and social aspects of mental disorders and brain damage, distinguishing between different types of institutions and their characteristics.
In conclusion, attending these work experience practices at the Canis Majoris Foundation has been a very rewarding experience that has helped me to improve both professionally and personally.


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