We launched the “La Barraca 2.0-María Bacardí” Theater workshop

In March the “La Barraca 2.0-María Bacardí” Theater workshop will commence to operate, aimed at children at risk of psychosocial exclusion who are supervised in centers belonging to the Community of Madrid and people with functional diversity under the care of the Institute of Social Work and Social Services (INTRESS). The objective of this project is to create a space for personal and social growth, which will provide its participants with different skills and tools favoring their development in a society as diverse as ours.

The theater not only provides the possibility of developing body expression, rhythmic coordination, relaxation and fostering creativity, it also improves self-esteem, concentration and generates self-confidence and confidence. In the sessions, directed by the actress and journalist Rosa Puga Davila, the aspects described above will be dealt with thereby creating learning and exchange spaces from an artistic perspective where techniques oriented to theatrical practice will be included since, after a period of activity of two years, an in-house Theater Company will be established.

Foto de María Bacardí

This initiative has been made possible thanks to its sponsor, María Bacardí, Bachelor of Arts from the University of New York (Drama Therapy and Psychodrama), who is completely committed to civil society and aware of the important role that Culture and Art play in the progress of an inclusive and diverse society, María Bacardí founded “Oddfellows Playhouse”, a non-profit theater organization aimed at promoting creativity and development of theater skills among the youngest population of the Hamptons; She is also the Honorary Co-President and founder of Community Fellows, of the Robert Wilson Watermill Center, where she directs a multitude of theater workshops and gives support for young emerging artists to explore new lines of inspiration and foster their professional development. In the last 30 years, she has developed her acting careerby playing important roles in various theater productions in New York City and in the Hamptons. In her role as a singer, she has recorded two albums, DESEO and DUELE, that explore her Cuban roots and is currently working on new musical creations.

We greatly appreciate the trust placed in us which has enabled the implementation of this project whose objective is to work for inclusion and diversity.


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