We Publish the Third Issue of the Pensamientos Majoris collection: “The Islamic Veil and the Fundamental Rights of Women”

The third copy of the Pensamientos Majoris collection was born from the conclusions drawn at the conference on “The Islamic Veil and the Fundamental Rights of Women”, held at the Gonzalo Casas Pessino Cultural Centre on 30 May 2019. During the conference, the social and legal problems posed by the use of religious symbols in public spaces by women of the Muslim religion were presented.

The book, which has the same title as the conference, has also been coordinated by Dr. Miguel Rodriguez Blanco, Professor at the University of Alcalá, in which the content of the various presentations of the conference is poured and shows the problems that arise from the fact that women of the Muslim religion wear religious symbols not only in public spaces, but also in specific places such as schools or workplaces.

The publication provides detailed information on the responses that European legislators are giving to this issue, the cases that have reached the courts, the rulings of the justice system and the public policies that exist in this area. All this from a constructive viewpoint, aimed at avoiding exclusion and combating stereotypes in order to achieve an approach to these issues that is respectful of the framework of freedoms established by our constitutional model.

The presentation of the book will take place after the summer, in September, if the situation of “new normality” allows it. We hope that the content of this book will be useful to achieve a better respect for women’s rights, whatever their beliefs. That, and no other, has been the purpose of the authors.


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